Tess Turns 13!

My sweet black Labrador Retriever, Tess, turned 13 today.  She is my goofy girl.  Always quick with a kiss, wags her tail if you just whisper her name or look at her and the biggest sweetheart on 4 legs.  Her registered name is Dutch Hollow's Cure The Blues, JH and was born on 11-17-2001.  She was my 3rd Labrador Retriever and a member of a pack of 4 labs.  This dignified gray faced lady shares my home with me and another lab named Abbey.  Happy Birthday Tess!

Tess' birthday cake is made with bananas, diced carrots, diced apples, pumpkin, peanut butter, eggs, canola oil, baking powder, barley flour and garbanzo/fava flour. A thin layer of whipped cream cheese is used for the frosting.