The Digital Showgram with JC Corcoran & Laurie Mac

My favorite radio personality, JC Corcoran has a new venture, live from 6:30 to 8am, Monday thru Friday – The Digital Showgram at featuring JC and Laurie Mac. The show runs 1½ hours commercial free and goes direct to podcast (without music) and rebroadcast (with music) immediately afterward.  Take a listen with a 30-day free trial.  And afterwards listen for free to JC’s Backtracks that run daily for 21½ hours and is also available on the TuneIn Radio app.  Besides the great talk, news and information and the daily features, you’ll hear some of the best music that broadcast radio isn’t playing anymore.  With 30-years in the industry and broadcast from all of the country, JC has some of the best interviews with celebrities and people in the news.  I've even made it on the show a couple of times during remote broadcasts.  No commercials.  No suits.  No FCC.  Visit his web site to learn more.