Thoughts About Casey

Originally written on July 27, 2012

Touchstone’s Sunshine Casey JH SH
~ Casey ~
May 2, 1998 to July 27, 2012 (14+ years old)

Casey was a wonderful yellow, male, Labrador Retriever who filled my life with love, happiness, caring, fun and joy.  In my opinion he had a little something extra in him as he could read your emotions and make sure he was by your side to comfort you and ease your mind in times of trouble or sadness.  He enjoyed meeting people and became everyone’s friend.  Besides being my best friend and companion, we worked together to achieve his AKC Junior & Senior Hunter titles.  He was also a certified Therapy Dog.  Casey was with me through the highs and lows of my life and never gave up, quit trying, or quit loving me.  He loved to sleep next to me on the bed when he could and he loved to get a “butt rub” where I scratched the spot just above his tail.  He could swim for hours and retrieve ducks all day long if you let him.   He taught me much about myself and what is important in life.  He was one special boy.  Enjoy your time in heaven Casey.  Retrieve all the ducks you can and play in the fields each day.  I’ll see you in the future my furry son.  Thanks for all of the good times my friend.
Greg Jevyak  (Dad) 7/27/12


Thoughts About Casey


On Friday morning July 27th, I took my best buddy in the whole world, Casey, to the vet to be "put down" as it is called by some.

I extended his life as long as I could and now it was time for me to step up and make sure he leaves this world with dignity.  This was be the most difficult day of my life. Other “life problems” have been much easier for me to face and deal with.  

I will remember and celebrate his life and all we accomplished together.  Casey had hundreds of friends, he was a joy to be around, and many loved him. We use to do children's reading programs at the local library with young children. He would spend hours with the kids letting them pet, touch, grab and talk to him. He never once walked away from the group of 20-30 kids and was always a saint with them.

But he taught me many things. Respect, patience unconditional love, how to forgive and forget, how to live in the moment, it’s okay to take a nap each day, how to have fun at any moment, dedication, determination, how to work with difficult situations, and it's okay to give sloppy kisses!  He greeted everyone with a wagging tail and a happy face.

Together we accomplished getting AKC Junior and Senior Hunter titles (for duck retrieving) and we had started on his Master Hunter qualifications before burning out on the event. He was the alpha dog and pack leader to the 2 female labs, Abbey & Tess.  He passed the Therapy Dog test to be able to go into hospitals and retirement homes. His photo appeared in the local newspaper many times.

I know he will be in a better place filled with fields to play in, ponds to swim in, and plenty of ducks to retrieve. And I know we will be together one day. I once saw written somewhere that God is Dog.  I was blessed to have this wonderful creature in my life for a reason.  It has been a wonderful 14 plus years together.

Greg Jevyak

Read --- Going Home, Finding Peace When Pets Die by Jon Katz sometime when you can. Especially the parts Letter From A Dog and The Perfect Day.