UPDATE - The Digital Showgram with JC Corcoran & Laurie Mac

The Digital Showgram with JC Corcoran and Laurie Mac – Update

 JC Corcoran and the talented Laurie Mac are LIVE every morning from 6:30 to 8 CST, M-F, with the show going to podcast immediately afterward.

 New ways to listen using the TuneIn Radio app.  Search using these descriptions to add to your TuneIn Radio app –

 - JC Corcoran's BackTracks

- JC Corcoran's Digital Showgram LIVE

- JC Corcoran's Digital Showgram LOOP

 Also available at www.jcontheline.com

All your favorite segments are back. “The Real, True, Inside, E, Extra, Access, Entertainment Report Lately”” The Vault” ”Screen Test,” “Ear-Witness News” and, of course, lots of your phone calls. Plug us in to your dash and listen on your smart-phone on the way to work or online at home. No censors. No suits. No FCC.