Longmire, the hit A&E drama series

Having read all of the Longmire books by author Craig Allen Johnson I was excited to hear that they were making a television series based on the books.  I have been exceptionally pleased by the A&E television drama of the same name and the actors portraying the characters.   I have waited each week for the past 3 seasons to view each episode and have made sure my DVR was set to record so I could watch them again when I felt like it. 

The directors and actors have done a wonderful job of recreating the characters that I imagined in my head while reading the novels.  The beauty of the outdoor scenes for this series has been a visual delight.

With the big four networks putting out some pretty stale television shows for the past several years, it has been refreshing that independents like A&E have developed and promoted shows like Longmire as I find myself recording and watching more from this and other networks than the former big four.

I recommend this series to anyone and I hope that the show gets picked up by A&E for a 4th season.

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Books in the Longmire series by author Craig Johnson -
The Cold Dish (Walt Longmire, #1) 
Death Without Company (Walt Longmire, #2) 
Kindness Goes Unpunished (Walt Longmire, #3) 
Another Man's Moccasins (Walt Longmire, #4) 
The Dark Horse (Walt Longmire, #5) 
Junkyard Dogs (Walt Longmire, #6) 
Hell Is Empty (Walt Longmire, #7) 
Divorce Horse (Walt Longmire #7.1) 
As The Crow Flies (Walt Longmire, #8) 
Messenger: A Walt Longmire Story (Walt Longmire #8.2) 
A Serpent's Tooth (Walt Longmire, #9) 
Spirit of Steamboat (Walt Longmire, #9.1) 
Any Other Name (Walt Longmire, #10) 
Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories