I'm guessing I've been accepted as her human

I adopted Cady almost 3 months ago. She is a mix of Labrador Retriever and English Setter (by DNA test) is 6 years old and weights in at 51 pounds. She is a sweetie and full of energy.

We have been figuring each other out and getting to know each other. She loves walks, exploring woods and fields, car rides, food, snacks, sleeping next to me, bull sticks and hearing the words good girl.

I haven't adopted before and she came to me with her own skill set which I have been working to figure out and what she knows - words like sit, down, car ride, outside. I've been teaching her some new words and she is a pretty quick study.

I've enjoyed watching her get comfortable with me, my black Lab Tess and our home and yard. She's gone from cautious and confused to settled in and "hey, this is my place!"

The other night she did the sweetest thing. As I got into bed and settled in, she came over to me, pushed her head into the side of my head and shoulder, pressed it in there and just let out this big sigh and just stayed that way for about 5 minutes as I rubbed her ears. Then she stood up and gave me a little lick on the cheek.

I'm guessing this was her way of showing me I've been accepted as her human.  It feels great.